Where are you based?
I live in Alameda, and do weddings all over the Bay Area, up in Tahoe, down in Monterey, and pretty much throughout California! Portrait shoots are available in the Bay Area.

So...you're not in Australia?
Not anymore, I lived and worked there for 4 years, and have just moved back to California as of December 2016.

Do you travel for weddings?
Depends on the location, send me a email with details and we can chat about it!

How do you pronounce your name?
It's pronounced like "Mare." Up until now you probably thought it was Marie, didn't you? No problem, happens ALL the time. Just please, please don't call me Diane.

What is your photography style?
I love to photograph real moments versus very set up and posed portraits. My goal is to capture your personality, style and connection with the other people in the photos. I like laughter, I like tears, I even like the drunk dancing photos from weddings. I want to capture those moments and details that remind you of the feel of your wedding day. In general, I would describe my photography as fun, natural, candid, and maybe a little quirky.

What should I wear to my portrait session?
You should dress like a slightly hipper version of yourself. Wearing jeans and a tshirt that matches everyone else's in the photo isn't exactly hip, so why bother? Might as well take this opportunity to get decked out like you are in an Anthropologie or Jcrew catalog. Don't worry, I'll tell you if you've gone too far. It's always good to bring a few options, and lots of accessories. Still lost on what to wear? Contact me and I'll share a whole pinterest board of inspirational outfits with you.

Any planning tips to get great wedding photos?
Absolutely! Well first off, if at all possible, try to plan the portrait times for within 2 hours of sunset. The colors and shadows will be softer, and it's much more forgiving on the skin than mid day.

If your ceremony is mid day, the shade is your friend. If at all possible, it's better to be in shade to avoid squinty eyes and harsh shadows. Don't try to pack a million activities into a short period of time. That will leave no
time for portraits, and no time for you to enjoy yourself.

Speaking of packing, don't try to reach your maximum person count for the venue. 
This often leaves the tables really close together, and it makes it hard
for myself, and all your guests to get around. I don't want to have to
knock Grandma down in my attempt to reach the dance floor during the
first dance.

Don't stay out too late, or drink to much at the rehearsal dinner!

Remember to have fun and take a moment to relax and enjoy yourself.