About Diana:

I'm a born and raised California girl who hikes, snowboards, wakeboards, surfs, and generally thinks everything is better when done outdoors. 
That said, I also have a mild obsession with home improvement shows, shoes, and pretty much anything from Anthropologie. 
I've spent most of my life living in Northern California, however have just returned to the bay area after living in South East Queensland, Australia for 4 years. I already miss the beautiful beaches, laid back lifestyle and silly slang words! For now though I'm really enjoying being around family and old friends, and can't wait to get back to photographing weddings in beautiful California!

About my work:

I love real moments and emotion! Give me wild kids, tearful grooms, and unexpected surprises over perfectly stylized shoots any day! My goal with each wedding and photoshoot is to capture the personalities of each client and have fun while doing it. 

After graduating with a degree in photography, I went on to explore the many different areas of photo work before settling into weddings and portraits.  I  worked for a small town newspaper, a successful commercial photographer, a portrait photographer, and a food photographer. All along the way I learned the best of each industry, and broadened my horizons about art and creating great photos. Some weekend in the middle of all of these other photography jobs, I shot a wedding, and was hooked. It was loud, crazy, stressful, beautiful, fun, chaotic, and I absolutely loved it. I love capturing the emotion and the beauty of the day, and strive to make every wedding album reflect who my clients truly are. As my past brides started to have babies I began photographing newborn portraits, child portraits, and family portraits for them. I love getting the chance to hang out with families and photographing their quirks and different family dynamics!